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Excellence in Real Estate

Let your agent know what you expect.

It's up to you to tell your agent what you want and how you want to be involved in the home search process. Some buyers prefer their agents to handpick properties for their consideration; others want to receive the hotsheets on a daily basis so they can comb through the new listings themselves. You should listen to your Realtor's advice, but always remember that you're the boss. And speaking of bosses, it's a good idea for ALL decision-makers to visit the properties your Realtor shows you ***

Make high-return improvements to your home before you sell.

There are a number of improvements that you can make to your house that will provide a greater-than-100% return on your initial investment. Chief among these is having your house painted, but you should also consider kitchen and bathroom renovations, adding fireplaces and skylights, and attic or basement conversions. Contrary to popular belief, building a swimming pool is not a good capital investment, and will usually only add 33% of its cost to your home's final sale price ***

Select your agent to maximize your exposure.

When selling your Luxury Home, you should select a License Realtor who can expose your property to the biggest market to ensure the fastest sale at the best possible price. Ask your prospective Real Estate Agents about the different ways they plan to advertise your Luxury Home. Good Realtor should use the MLS, national and local promotion on the Internet, yard and neighborhood signs, as well as ads in various website and Real Estate publications to attract International buyers ***